Mother Earth


Let's forget it's the middle of July and pretend that it's a 68 degree Fahrenheit day in May. Because this is what this fit is made for. Funny story actually, I originally picked this out for this past Mother's Day. I was way into my last minute (like running almost an hour late for dinner last minute) look that I really thought I had to stunt it again for the blog. If my 13-year-old-self was me right now, she would remind herself of when a friend from middle school said to her, "You never repeat an outfit!" Did I feel super cool that I never committed what was then such a crime? Of course. I wasn't embarrassing myself like Lizzie McGuire did. Now that I'm Grown™ and people are cool and sustainability is even cooler, I chose to not give myself too much of a hard time. 

After being employed by the holy grail that is The Gap for a little over 2 years, I have developed my collection of Gap items. As in... this whole look is from Gap. Lolz. I have some sort of weird obsession with eyelet embroidery and also the color white. Definitely mostly the color white. Eyelet, though, is sweet and innocent like a doll. And yep! Yes, this top fits both of my obsessions. Also, these super cool straight wide leg take on the normal khaki, fit like a glove and are incredibly flattering. Big cheers. For this shoot, we wandered around the neighborhood of Lake of the Isles and found some earthy and beautiful scenes. You'll soon understand why the word khaki and Mother Earth are written in the same post. 

Ok real quick I need to address something, we were doing pride tattoo's at Gap one day, so there is a faded 'TOGETHER' tat on right ankle that you will definitely see throughout this blog post. Part of me wishes it wasn't temporary. 

Ok real quick I need to address something, we were doing pride tattoo's at Gap one day, so there is a faded 'TOGETHER' tat on right ankle that you will definitely see throughout this blog post. Part of me wishes it wasn't temporary. 

Only smiles when surrounded by plants.

Only smiles when surrounded by plants.

We so happen to come upon a greenery sanctuary! So amazing!!!!

We so happen to come upon a greenery sanctuary! So amazing!!!!

Actual pure bliss.

Actual pure bliss.


Top | Gap

Pants | Gap

Shoes | Nordstroms

Earrings | Thrifted

Photos taken by Rita

Fashion Week MN: Circa Now


At the beginning of the year, I ambitiously sent out emails to the founders and companies of Fashion Week MN in hopes of attaining my goal to become involved with my local fashion community here in Minneapolis. Thankfully, I was granted access (sounds so official wow) to feature any fashion show here on my blog! While browsing on the FWMN website, I was drawn to Hazel & Rose's show, "Circa Now". Mainly because, as a person who is passionate about sustainability and ethicality, I was really glad to see a show that presented this. Hazel & Rose is a company that showcases sustainable and ethical independent brands. This show presents some of the many brands they that humbly display in their store, like: Arc's Value Village, Moth Oddities, Tandem Vintage, Arlee Park, Golden Pearl Vintage, and The Keep. During the beautiful madness building up to the show, I had the pleasure of chatting with the curators backstage and learning about their brand's aesthetics and inspirations. I'm so excited to share the experience with all of you; after all, it has been six months in the making. 

Rackin' up all the loooooks.

Rackin' up all the loooooks.

Arc's Value Village

*Tap through to see the looks*

Arc's Value Village incorporated vibrant, bold, yet soft colors into their looks. An upscale and modest vibe with a hint of fun, along with the help from a stripe of eyeshadow. 

Moth Oddities

Moth Oddities, similarly to Arc's Value Village's collection, embraced a pastel yet bright palette. It's definitely Spring; hand me those lilac trousers please.

Tandem Vintage

Tandem Vintage delivered the prints for this event. I love love! They have some of the sweetest and unique dresses, and uh... I copped those soft pink tailored shorts. Can't wait to stunt ‘em.

Arlee Park

Arlee Park showed a modern take on vintage which was really inspiring and the most accurate to my personal style. I also call them the "Denim Gods" as you'll see later; they have the sickest denim. If I could, I would sweep away that second look all to myself.

Golden Pearl Vintage

I really enjoyed Golden Pearl Vintage's looks. I don't think I'll ever not be obsessed with an all white outfit. It makes someone an instant angel. Also, this season we buckle our mini purses around our waist, just like how I will be doing with my new thrifted Prada bag (that was a great day). But anyway, dope, dope looks, Golden Pearl Vintage, my eyes thank you.

The Keep

The Keep wonderfully snuck in the color of 2018-- millennial pink. This color is hardly, if ever, seen in my wardrobe but The Keep really incorporated this color so well into their looks. I'd never thought I'd enjoy a tan blazer with millennial pink shorts. I am changed.


After the show, the space was transformed into the ultimate pop-up shop. Each brand showcasing items seen on the runway and more from their store. 

I have huge amounts of gratitude for being able to experience and write about this event. Listening to the curators talk about ethical and sustainable fashion was completely inspiring. I believe we can be a generation that successfully makes significant changes to sustainable and ethical fashion. Our earth and the people in it are too precious to not fight against the harmful impacts. A point from the panel discussion that stuck with me was the idea of instead of going to a Zara for example to buy a somewhat expensive item, like a blazer, or pants, check out local vintage/thrift stores from which you could probably find a similar item that could be less expensive and would last you a whole lot longer. If you need more guidance or information on sustainable and ethical fashion and why recently consumers are making this shift, read my article about How You Can Be A Conscious Consumer. Let's be mindful! Lastly, thank you Emma and Bobbi from Hazel & Rose for letting a curious student enter into the mix of a lovely FWMN show.