A Modern x Vintage Hangout

We are back! It’s the new year, a year 3 if you are like me and like to follow numerology. Also hibernation season is almost over for myself— meaning a new school semester *heavy sigh*. But I am very, very excited to be present on Loon Look today to produce a new blog post. As I write this I am listening to the Sims 3 soundtrack and it really is bringing me back to the days where I would sit in my home office for 8 hours channeling my inner interior designer. Basically, it’s grade A focusing music, so this should be a good read (no pressure though). 
For this look I really wanted to bring both vintage and modern pieces together. The sort of contrast between them really fit quite nicely. After all, the key to styling vintage pieces is incorporating something modern. This embroidered Cabi jacket was picked out from a local thrift shop. Quickly while we are on the topic of thrifting, if you are a reoccurring reader you would know that about a good chunk of my wardrobe is thrifted. I can always count on thrifting for finding unique or even basic pieces. But yes, I’m currently loving this new jacket and I will not remove the shoulder pads. Ever. That weirdly used to be a thing for people my age… For the modern take on this look, I paired the jacket with a relaxed jogger pant as well as a graphic tee. I guess we could argue that the graphic tee is sort of a vintage modern tee. Which is then, best of both worlds. The joggers were a recent buy and I have been loving how versatile they can be. And lastly, oh my dear sock boots. My loves. They complete the look. Major cool girl vibes is maybe what we can summarize this look to be. Photo time now, enjoy enjooyy.
All in the details we like to say.

All in the details we like to say.

Shoulder pads = Power

Shoulder pads = Power

This is probably a good reaction pic if you dropped your bowl of cereal or something alike.

This is probably a good reaction pic if you dropped your bowl of cereal or something alike.

Yeah so it started to rain….. :/

Yeah so it started to rain….. :/

Long live sock boots.

Long live sock boots.



Jacket: Thrifted (Cabi)
Graphic Tee: Urban Outfitters
Jogger Pant: Urban Outfitters
Sock Boots: Zara
Rings: H&M / Flea Markets
Earrings: Vintage

Photos taken by Ava Kendall